Photo Gallery

A collection of some of my cocktails as well as travels around the world, please enjoy. 


Grasshopper EBK
The Royal Lion
A Dash and Three Dots
The Taurus
Hotel Nacional
Mojito - Sparrow
The Timepiece
Betty Gin and Tonic Service
La Floradita #3 - Sparrow
Daiquiri - Sparrow
Mai Tai - bellyQ
Las Perlas - Mercat a La Planxa
Tom & Jerry Grate
Palacio  - Mercat a La Planxa
A Cobbler - Betty

La Altena Distillery, Arandas Jalisco - 2013

La Altena Exterior
Carlos and Tomas
Red Earth
Agave Fields
Mature Agave
Red Spots
Agaves in the Distillery
Stacked Raw Agave Oven
Carlos on Pinas
Copper Still

Fortaleza Distillery - Tequila, Jalisco - 2016

Fortaleza BOttle Tops
Fortaleza Agave Field
Fortaleza Roasted Agave
Fortaleza Tahona
Fortaleza Fermenter

Arette Distillery - Tequila,  Jalisco - 2016

Arette Exterior_edited
Arette Avages
Arette Raw Agave
Arette Agave with Autoclave
Arette Agave in Autoclave
Arette Autoclave
Arette Roller Mills
Arette Fermenters
Arette Stone Fermenter
Arette Stills
Arette Stills 2
Arette Barrels
Arette Bottles

Hendricks Distillery, Scotland  - 2010

Hendricks Sign
Hendricks Exterior
Hendricks Tasting Table
Hendricks Botanical Boxes
Hendricks Carter Head
Hendricks Stills
Hendricks Bennet Still
Hendriks Green Tanks

Balvenie Distillery -Dufftown, Scotland - 2010

Balvenie View
Balvenie Exterior
Balvenie Malting Floor Empty
Balvenie Malting Floor Grains
Balvenie Grains
Balvenie Malted Barley
Balvenie Window
Balvenie Malted Barley
Balvenie Fermenter
Balvenie Fermenter Door
Balvenie Stills
Balvenie Spirit Safe
Balvenie Barrels 2
Balvenie Barrels
Balvenie Roofs
Balvenie Door

La Cofradia Distillery / Casa Noble  -Tequila, Jalisco - 2016

Casa Noble Barrel Logo
Casa Noble Barrels Wide
Casa Noble Stills 2
Casa Noble Stills 1
Casa Noble Still Pano
Casa Noble Oven Inside
Casa Noble Oven Inside PV
Casa Noble Fermenters
Casa Noble David Yan
Casa Noble Compost Field
Casa Noble Compost Field 2
Casa Noble Agave Bagasse
Casa Noble Tasting Matt
Casa Noble Tasting Glass
Casa Noble - La Cofradita Grounds 3
Casa Noble - La Cofradita Grounds
Casa Noble - La Cofradita Agave
Casa Noble - La Cofradita Grounds 2
Casa Noble - La Cofradita Bar
Casa Noble - La Cofradita Bar 2

Rhum Clement -  Martinique, France  - 2013

Rhum Clement
Sugar Cane Delivery
Rhum Clement Distillery
Column Stills
Rhum Clement
Barrels at Rhum Clement

Trois Rivières  -  La Mauny Distillery - Martinique, France   - 2018

Trois Rivieres Sugar Cane Field 2
Trois Rivieres Sugar Cane Field 1
Trois Rivieres Sugar Cane Arrival
Trois Rivieres Sugar Cane 1
Trois Rivieres Sugar Crusher
Trois Rivieres Sugar Crusher CU
Trois Rivieres Sugar Crusher 3
Trois Rivieres Sugar Crusher 6
Trois Rivieres Open Air Ferementors
Trois Rivieres  Fermentors
Trois Rivieres Fermentors CU
Trois Rivieres Coils in a Fermentor
Trois Rivieres Stills at Mauny
Trois Rivieres Bagasse
Trois Rivieres Bagasse burner
Trois Rivieres Holding Tanks
Trois Rivieres Barrels
Trois Rivieres Tasting Glass
Trois Rivieres Martinique Lanscape 2
Trois Rivieres Martinique Ocean

James E. Pepper Distillery  -  Lexington, KY  -  April, 2019