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I offer a variety of services focused on the business of your bar. A bar program is so much more than the cocktails on the menu, it is made up of the closely connected systems of bar design, team training, detailed recipes, schedules, inventory, and proper costing.  

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Each program is bespoke to your establishment. The drinks must reflect your concept and resonate with your guest. Just as important as the menu, we’ll provide recipes, bar checklists, prep lists, team training, and work to set up the bar for success.


  • Concept Design

  • Cocktail Menus

  • Classic Cocktail Trainings

  • Back Bar Inventories

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The faster and more efficiently drinks come out from the bar, the more money everyone makes. Everyone. From the bar-back to the owners to the vendors. This allows you to run better margins, retain employees, and affords you more buying power.  More importantly, it results in higher guest satisfaction and repeat business. Proper bar design directly affects top line and bottom line dollars. Let’s get it right from the start.


Let someone who has worked behind bars design your bar, not someone who is just trying to sell you equipment.


A knowledgeable team is an effective team. One which can confidently sell product, speak with guests, and execute drinks in a professional manner. With years of trade experience, I can connect with your team in an honest and impactful manner to motivate them in their craft.


  • Bar Manger Training

  • Bartenders Bootcamp

  • Spirit Category Knowledge


My BARTENDERS' BOOTCAMP is a revolutionary seminar in getting down to the fundamentals of bartending, bar set up, and cocktails. It is one of my most sought after seminars. Learn More Here

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Your back bar tells a story.  From first look, guests should know what you are all about. This includes your theme, your thoughtfulness in curating a list, and your price points. Don’t let a distributor tell your story. They won’t get it right. I can help to develop a selection of spirits that properly conveys your theme and will help you attract the customers you want while making you the money you need. I will also help cost it properly. 


Cocktails are fun to drink but also a  lot of fun to make.  And cocktail classes are a great way to bring friends and work teams together. Even the simplest of drinks can be tricky for most people, so I'll show you the in and outs of your your favorite drinks or spirit categories. Available in person or virtual. 

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