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Cocktail Bar Consultation
Full Service Cocktail & Bar Program Development

The BarMedic specializes in cocktail program design and implementation services. With the modern cocktail revolution well under way, it is now necessary for any restaurant of any caliber to offer its guests a well-crafted beverage. With so many openings happening across the country, restaurants are all fighting for the same dining dollars. You must up your game to ensure the “revenue center,” aka the bar, is operating smartly and efficiently so you can attract and maintain guests as well as make the margins you need to make. 
Just as with the kitchen, fresh ingredients, proper tools, preparation and techniques are necessary to deliver a well-crafted cocktail to your paying customers.  We can design a cocktail program tailored for your restaurant or bar that best suits your location and needs and the needs of your guests.
However, a cocktail menu is just the tip of the iceberg. A cocktail program means nothing without the systems behind it to maintain the program. These systems include ordering and inventory control, preparation and set up, as well as training and education. The BarMedic strongly believes it is these back-end systems that, more than anything else, are the key to success for any beverage program. We will build out and deliver these systems to help you, your team and your establishment succeed. 

The Bartenders Boot Camp by The BarMedic

The Bartenders' Boot Camp 

Kick your bartenders into shape!

The Bartenders Bootcamp by The BarMedic is the only program of its kind designed to train your bartenders in back to basic bar and cocktail techniques. This intensive four-hour program covers history of the cocktail in the US, current and relevant trends in mixology, bar set up, working with fresh juices and herbs, proper balance, essential bar tools and proper usage, and a look at six “pillar” cocktails. Your bartenders WILL leave the seminar informed, confident and ready to serve your customers better.


The Bartender Bootcamp is for the experienced bartender, the career bartender, the new bartender, the bar manager or anyone looking to better their game as a bartender. As bartenders we pick up bad habits behind the bar, which we then pass on to new bartenders. These bad habits adversely affect the quality of our cocktails, our customers’ experiences, the bar’s bottom line and gratuity. Bring the craft back into your profession and give your customers a better experience. The Bartenders Bootcamp will show you how.


The Bartender Bootcamp is offered for groups of up to 20 and is ideal for restaurant or hotel groups looking to change the direction of their beverage culture. 

Spirit Category Training

Category Training

Ideal for the bartender, sales team or home enthusiast

The spirits world is  fascinating. Each spirit category is a lesson in history, geography, politics and science. It is a story in craftsmanship, facts, fictions, half-truths and legend. Each category or style of spirit - such a gin, tequila, vodka or cognac - developed in a specific place of the world at a specific time for a specific reason. The BarMedic will unravel the history and facts about each category and the modern brands which make up these categories.


Sprit category trainings are an ideal way to help your service team or sales team better understand the beverage world, to stay competitive and to best service your customers

Bar Design, Cocktail Bar Design, Bar Layout
Bar Layout and Design
Designed by a Bartender for a Bartender

The bar is the most profitable revenue center in your restaurant, yet it is unfortunately the last item most people think about in terms of how it is stocked, how it is staffed and how it is designed. The design of the bar directly affects the efficiency of the bar, which affects how fast and how many drinks are made which affects profit and tips.
Let the BarMedic develop an efficient bar designed by a bartender for a bartender. Getting it right the first time will save you (and make you) a lot of money in the long run. 


In addition to underbar and backbar equipment, we can help to "zone" the bars storage areas, including back of house, to mazimize efficiency. 

Bar Program Evaluation
Bar Program Evaluation
You have a problem, we'll fix it

 Whether your bar has been open two month, two years or twenty years, there is most likely something you need to adjust. Whether the issues are minor or major, or maybe you don’t even fully understand what the issues are, we can help. We can analyze your systems (or more likely, lack of systems), inventory, ordering practices, pricing, menu layouts, staffing and bar performance to identify the problem areas and help fix them. We can help launch or overhaul a cocktail program and implement fresh ingredients into the bar. The longer your delay identifying and correcting a problem, the longer it will cost you money.

Event Coordination 

The Devil is in the Details

Sometimes you only have one opportunity to present your brand to the decision makers and gatekeepers, so you need to make that opportunity the best it can be. 


The BarMedic will help you tailor your event to best represent your brand, get your message across and to leave a lasting impact on your audience. We will also handle the logistical details to achieve maximum impact from the venue. The devil is in the details and there are many moving parts to an event and lots of details to consider including glassware, permits, barware and bartenders, timing, mixers, signage and many more small items that often get over looked until it is too late. 


The BarMedic will help you with the big picture as well as the small details to ensure your event is a success. .